Below just a few interesting videos that can be watched on youtube; there are some really good ones if you look well enough.

You may also take a look at:

1. About the evolution of ‘habeas corpus’ in the British empire, a book by Paul D. Halliday:

YouTube Preview Image

2.  Jenny Martinez on the Courts that were established to abolish slave trade in Africa and the America:

YouTube Preview Image

3. In my personal view this is a rather objective documentary on the transatlantic slave trade:

4. About Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian revolution (one of many documentaries):

5. One of many books on Jesuit-Native relations by Canadian historian Allan Greer:

6. On the ofter overlooked issue of Brazilian slavery, which was the largest slave destination in the world:

7. On the almost forgotten ‘Civil War of South America”, the Triple Alliance war (1864-1870, which led to the destruction of Paraguay as a nation:

8. About the age of revolts in colonial Pero and Bolivia (18t century, in Spanish):


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