Just some thoughts on a Friday

2011. Earth Odyssey. War across the globe. Silent rebellion in Iran. Riots in Tunisia, Algeria, even demonstrations in Jordan. Questions. Wikileaks. Are we witnessing another tragedy in the Arab world, a small step towards civil society, or just another blast of violence across the region? Perhaps finally a chance for democracy, yet what kind of democracy? Freedom for all? Or just another tiranny by the majority? Will the Algerian and Iranian disasters be repeated in Tunisia, will the poison spread? Would it finally be possible to establish true democracy in the Middle-East without simultaneously allowing islamic fundamentalism to enter through the back door? That is the question which has been looming over the region for many decades now. And for the decades to come. Global warfare between religions, races, is that a future? A race to the bottom for cheap labor and natural resources? The Great Game version 2.0. Is the Clash of Civilizations an inevitable picture of the future or a just self fulfilling prophecy? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Or both. Are we destoying our planet? Definitely, at least the planet as we like it to be. A playground for the human race. But not for long, if we continue the same patterns we have used for thousands of years. Does anyone care, truly care? Has sustainibility just become another marketing instrument? Which battle is right, and which is wrong. Who takes the lead, and perhaps more importantly, who follows. Who has the answers when nobody even asks any questions anymore. Who cares to ask a smart question if the answers are eloquently spoken yet mere rhetoric? What is authority without authenticity? And where can we still find authenticity through rhetoric and mass deception? What is left and what is right? Who cares about left and right anymore if the issues cannot be resolved by two-dimensional thinking. At what stage did feelings of guilt turn into justifications for tyranny. Why is everyone thinking outside of the box and not filling boxes with ideas that truly work? Well, it’s probably me. I am confused. And so are you. And if you’re not, you should be. And if not, you’re either a good liar or not being true to yourself. Just as myself. Perhaps I am convinced of a false ideology of superiority. If I do not doubt my own assumptions I may be wrong just as much as you are. Somewhere on the way we acquired a fear towards something and it serves us well because it serves victimhood. You identify the culprits but fail to acknowlegde your own crimes. Fear feeds on jealousy and a false image of past and future. Truth, honesty, sincerity will suffer, for a long long time to come. But eventually these virtues will resurge just as swiftly as the outbreak of violence that is looming everywhere. It has nothing to do wth culture, it is human nature regardless anything else. We are alive, it’s a miracle in itself so evident we fail to see it until we are forced to accept it. Yet the door is ajar. We listen to the messages from prophets, true or false, and distort what may be true to their message yet eagerly accept anything that is false as long as it serves our purpose. And I thank you for reading all the way to the end of this message. If you have been so patient, just let me add one more thing. Any true prophet, dead or alive, real or imaginary, is never hateful, yet we are. Well, I know it sounds a little corny – as do most positive messages, unfortunately – perhaps because we think negativity is somehow more truthful – but we deserve to be enjoying life, just as the planet deserves to continue turning around the sun with at least a little peace and quiet. By the way, have a great 2011.

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